Why outsource all or part of your administrative functions? 

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« Free consultation – You want to outsource all or part of your administrative functions, but don’t know where to start or which solution is right for you. »

Outsourcing consists of transferring all or part of a company’s tasks to an external service provider.

Together during our one-hour session, we’ll look at your goals and what needs to be in place before transferring all or part of your administrative functions.

We’ll look at:

 How to correctly assess which functions you can outsource: Human Resources, payroll, general services, sales management, secretarial duties, event planning and coordination.

  • Why you should outsource and how to go about it.
  • Ongoing or one-off needs.
  • How to put together a list of the service provider’s specific duties.
  • The benefits and drawbacks
  • The cost of outsourcing

You’ll leave this session with the clarity and motivation you need to truly consider outsourcing specific duties; and of course, with our support if you deem it necessary.

Who this initial consultation is for:

  • Those companies that are not yet clients. This is a one-time only session
  • Companies who wish to engage with a large number of prospects in a short amount of time
  • Companies who wish to get a clear idea of their market
  • Companies who wish to introduce new products/services, and learn about their competitors

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