E-Marketest France, Only 4 weeks to set up!

What is E-Marketest France?

What is E-Marketest France?

E-Marketest France is an integrated “all-inclusive”

solution to test your products on the French market,

which includes:

❑ Importing solutions

❑ Warehousing solutions

❑ E-marketing solutions

❑ E-commerce solutions

❑ Fulfilment solutionsImporting: simple and economical solutions

Even before you ship your products to France, we help you find the best solutions for:

❑ Product selection for the French Market

❑ Shipping and Freight forwarding

❑ Packing and securing your products

❑ Issuing documents (packing list, invoices, etc)

❑ Customs and tax clearance

❑ Payments

Our warehousing solution offers a fully professional and reliable storage service:

❑ 3500 m² warehouse

❑ Separate storage area and picking zone

❑ Warehouse Management System

❑ 100% traceability

❑ 24/7 security system

❑ Fine logistics and e-commerce expertise

ReliabilityE-marketing: getting ready for the show!

Our e-marketing solution presents your product to the

French market with the best chances to succeed:

❑ French product description

❑ French technical information

❑ Image management

❑ Localization service

❑ E-marketing plan

❑ Category management

Our e-commerce solution is the perfect window to sell your products in the best conditions :

❑ A dedicated e-commerce website

❑ E-merchandising

❑ Community management

❑ Suggestive selling

❑ Promotions and couponing

Our fulfilment solution is focused on preventing sales
from being cancelled or returned :

❑ Shipment within 24h

❑ Full traceability

❑ Quality boxing

❑ 100% traceability

❑ Pre-delivery address check

❑ Home delivery by La Poste

❑ Returns management

Our E-Marketest service is designed to test your products on
the French market with minimum cost: a small set up fee and
the cost of shipping us your products.

No warehousing fee

No marketing fee

No merchandizing fee

No fulfilment fee

The set-up fee, including all the marketing and localization work, is only €2,000.

Every month, we send you a sales report, including client feedback and our recommendations, and we pay you the products sold + 50% of the net margin on sales.products!

Continuous service improvement

We are constantly working on improving our service, thanks to the feedback and requests of our clients.

In the past weeks, we have negotiated with the French Customs administration a temporary import VAT exemption for our clients’ product

=> you don’t have to pay import VAT for your goods on entry

We are also working on:

– multi-channel distribution service extension

– Category Web Boutiques

– Concept Store presentation

We keep working and improving! Alliance experts is a global network of business development specialists. We help companies enter new markets profitably.

Arnaud d’Halluin
Partner France
465 rue Fourny
78530 BUC
+33 666 32 59 59

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