Omag Consulting is a specialist in the outsourcing of sales management and client debt recovery.

outsourcing of your client debt recovery

« Determination, anticipation, and resolution are the keys to the success of your client debt recovery, but the resolution must not be ill-perceived by your clients. »

Do you wish to outsource the debt recovery of your client invoices?

Time passes and if certain invoices remain unpaid, they can put your company in jeopardy!
Specialists in client debt recovery, we intervene directly with your clients all while maintaining a high level of interpersonal quality in your commercial relationship.

Effective client debt recovery requires a thorough knowledge of your clients.

This is why in selecting us, we can best target your needs and therefore define the proper actions to take.

Client debt recovery is only effective if we have the elements in hand. That’s why it is essential to integrate client debt recovery in the commercial process.

What are the points we will put in place in order to offer effective client debt recovery?

In advance

– Take an inventory of the current situation; before all else we will conduct an inventory of the present situation

– Together we will determine the profile of your clients and understand the principle reasons for payment delays connected to your business

– Analyze the aged balance

– Identify the clients at risk, and the recurring payment defaulters.


We offer several solutions according to the specific case, for example:

– By telephone, first contact, presentation to the client of the situation of the outstanding invoices

Identification of the cause of the delay and according to the case, feedback on a dispute

– Put in place a schedule, written confirmation from the client, and follow-up of its execution

– If necessary, launching collection procedures (letters, formal demands, litigation …)

The essential elements of sales management and client debt recovery.

All of the services offered by Omag Consutling


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