HQ pilots, specialist in drone shooting

HQ pilots, specialist in drone shooting

HQpilots is a trademark of Pôles d’images company, which is an audiovisual production company, specialist in drone shooting

Specificities of the drone shooting studio

We started our drone filming activity as a natural continuation of our activities, especially in polar regions, our strong business line. Drones offer a lot of filming possibilities in wildlife, in urban areas – particularly for heritage – but also indoor, for vehicle tracking, for people, at sea…

Ours specificities come directly from polar regions activities : a great adaptation in clients needs, a highly precise organisation and a quality requirement in video shoot construction. Work in polar regions is a school of rigour which leaves no room for wrong notes.

Thanks to an integrated administrative unit to manage authorizations, filming organization and clients relationship, the pilot is concentrated on his machines and film frames realization. With a set of optimized material for urban filming or for big film cameras, we can answer to all yours requirements.

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